Lollibop 2013

lollibop festival 2013 lollibop festival 2013 River Island kids design den 6 lollibop festival 2013 Mr men lollibop festival 2013 balloons


Festival season is in full swing and the  Lollibop festival 2013 sets itself aside from the rest as it is completely for the kids.  Swap headline performances like Lady Gaga and Jay Z for your kids heroes like Mr Men, Rasta mouse,  the characters from Tickety Toc and Peppa Pig.  Set in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic park there is a jam-packed line up of family activities, performances on the main stage and is really just about spending quality time with the kids. Expect craft stops, and  plenty of picnic areas (although there are plenty of food stands I was super impressed with the variety including Jamaican, Mexican and even a Nandos).

As a mum of four, throughout the holiday it is has been tough to find things to cater to the younger two who are 1, and the older two who are 8 and 6, the activities available are either too old for one pair, or too babyish for the other.  Lollibop is specifically for all kids under ten, and the event had a great balance between activities including face painting and discos, great for everyone, but also creating zones like little lollies, and baby pops for the teeniest lolliboppers.  To the Discovery zone, and the  Skylander imagination station with huge flat screens to play the game.  Unfortunately I was on my own and I don’t drive so only brought the older two ( and it is such a shame as the twins would have loved it especially the Legoland tent so definitely next year for them).  After signing in as press we all had our blogger wristbands wide eyed, and excited to explore the venue.

The  parent super hero pack is a full schedule iteniary and map for the three days so I do recommend a quick download and print out before you get there, as with any children event expect queueing, so its best to have some idea of where you would like to start. The only negative I have about the event is that there are easily 1000 kids there, so I would recommend having two of every stall, a cupcake decorating is fantastic, but if it can only houses 8 kids it obviously won’t work so make it bigger, or at least have a few dotted round the arena to avoid disappointment. (the same for face painting there were maybe 10 face painters make it 30!)  The River Island kids Design Den was fully booked for the entire day and I got there at 2pm ( Lollibop is open 10-6) Get in there quick, your little one can design their own t-shirt, and have  a picture taken with their creation.  An extra bonus is the 15% discount on the latest River Island kids range, my daughter got a gorgeous neon orange dress with cute cut outs at the neckline. Below is the gallery inside the design den click on any picture for a full screen view.


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