Clara Button & The Magic Hat day

V&A cafe V&A fashion galleries Clara Button book review Clara Button 2 To cheer Clara up, her mum asked if she would like to choose a special day out. Perhaps Clara might like to go swimming or to the cinema? But Clara had other ideas. ‘I would like a magical hat day please.’ Clara Button and the Magical Hat Day was written by Amy De La Haye author of Chanel, and the A-Z of Style ; This charming story is a sweet tale of a lovely little girl wanting to preserve the memory of her grandmother.  A special hat is what draws her mother and brother to the V&A where they each have their own adventure, and to celebrate the release of this classic story in paperback I wanted to bring the story to life with my daughter, and visit the landmarks inside the pages.  The first stop was Harrods, which was hop, and a skip away from the V&A; it was a revelation to re-encounter the details that I am so used to.  The glass chandelier in the main foyer and statues were even more colourful through the  illustrations of the talented Emily Sutton. We did not wander into a hat room unfortunately, but we did let our minds wander amongst the ballgowns of the design greats.  We ended our excursion inside the Cafe, under the impressive chandeliers, with tea and cake.  The paperback edition will make a great present it includes a set of Clara Button stickers, and has a great ratio of images to words to really engage the child and capture their imagination whilst reading the book, as well as make any V&A enthusiast smile.


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