Precious Things

Mini Adorngirl wears Jacques and sienna jewellery

Mini Adorngirl wears Jacques and sienna jewellery 5

My mother had and still has an amazing jewellery collection. When I was younger I would sneak into her room and play with the gold earrings, rings, and trinkets that were lovingly kept in  full to the brim, jewellery boxes. This is probably where my love of jewellery began. My mother wore a lot of black, and her style would come alive when she would add that statement bejewelled clutch, or went subtle with simple hoops. Now I am a mother I sometimes let mini Adorngirl wear my jewellery. I wish that 10-year-old me would have had something like the  Jacques + Sienna fine jewellery range for children.

Mini Adorngirl styles Jacques + Sienna double stranded agate bead bracelet arm candy,  each piece in the  collection has been individually designed by New Zealand Designers Meegan Rupe  and Jayna Lala. The beauty comes from stacking and layering the bracelets, each sterling silver charm is a special keepsake with unique messages like little princess, an angel, and fearless.  The Jacques + Sienna philosophy is to continuously translate key fashion trends into their designs, and cater to children’s personality. All charms are available as a sterling silver plated necklace, beaded tassel necklace, and beaded bracelet.

The current collection spans sterling silver, enamel, mini me ‘precious’,  rose gold, and mini me. Expect dainty daisy chain like designs, bright and vivid colour combinations, and cute enamel trinkets with non toxic nickel free


You can find Jacques + Sienna  at Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods


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