Review: Nokia Lumia Kids Corner

Nokia-Lumia-1020-kids-corner-2-1010x698 Nokia-Lumia-1020-kids-corner-1010x820

I never thought that I would be one of those parents that would let my kids play with my phone or tablet. Even as I write this post on my Lenovo mix 2,  I can see one of my two-year old twins, watching Netflix on the Lumia.  Just accept that your kids are growing up in a digital age, and will know way more than you about technology even before their teens. Windows have created a kids corner which allows them their own access, that you can control.

The premise relies on the kids having their own windows experience. When you compile the selection of tiles from music to games, you are prompted to create a password for the phone, so the kids can’t access your main screen and apps whatsoever, you decide when the kids get to go to kids corner. A simple swipe of the screen, brings them to their personal screen, and gives them games, and whatever apps you have added. I chose a selection of game tiles, a camera, and Netflix. Try as they might, they can not download any new games, so you can feel safe that what they are doing is appropriate.

Windows for the Surface have gone one step further with Family Safety mode. I get an email once a week with full rundown of websites the mini adorn kids have visited on my Surface, on their username. Family safety also helps you to set time limits, as well as websites, and applications. This is a great way to child proof your gadgets, well other than not letting them have it at all.


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