On Wednesday We Wear Pink

Crocs girls boots 3 Crocs girls boots 4 Crocs girls boots 5 Crocs girls boots

Well technically the Mini Adorngirls wear pink nearly everyday.  It’s really not my fault for gender girlie stereotyping, I promise that we put them in every style and colour under the sun, and this is their favourite colour. When we had the opportunity to have our pick of the Schuh kids new in range,  the twins gravitated towards these bright pink stunners.  Their boots are Crocs.  It’s so funny how when I say the twins are getting some Crocs I am met with a face, “like really?” but Crocs have come a long way from those ugly beach necessities we love to hate, (especially, in their kids styles) but we buy because they are beach necessities. When I showed everyone what they look like their faces light up, and an “ooooh” promptly follows. What is great about these Crocs winter puff boots are that they look quite chunky and hefty,  but are so lightweight and durable, so I know they can withstand a London Winter.


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