Review: The Faraway Tree

Mini Adorngirl book review

Hi, I am mini Adorngirl and I’m starting my own weekend reading series. My first choice of 2015 is The magic faraway tree by Enid Blyton. I love reading because of the whole new other world where there’s no reality, no responsibilities, and there’s always a happy ending or a lesson.  I have chosen this book because of the colourful imaginative cover including elves, a mysterious cloud, and peculiar ladder.

This story is about a strange colossal tree deep in the enchanted wood and every week a different land is on top of the tree. Four courageous kids embark  on adventures  in the breath taking lands along with their magical friends Moon-Face , Saucepan Man and Silky the fairy. My favourite character is Saucepan Man because every time someone says something, he mistakes it for something else and ends up doing something hilarious and completely silly all because he is deaf. This book was presented to me by a beloved family member and I have read it like a gazillion times because it is so funny. Anyone that likes to read a great mix of humour and adventure will love this.


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