The days when you get fed up with the kids

Sometimes there are just days when you get fed up with the kids.  The same ones who give you joy, and make you laugh will ultimately be the same ones who frustrate you to no end, and will make you question why you even had kids in the first place. The other day was one of those days. After a particularly bad start with the crying over their outfits constant stopping on the way to nursery, and then the subsequent tantrum when I dropped them into nursery, I felt drained. I ran into another mum on the way out, and she had the biggest smile, and said hi. I burst into tears.

I couldn’t help it, big ugly Kim Kardashian tears.  I felt like a big baby, after all kids aren’t perfect little robots who will bend to your will.  My tears came because I am a full-time mum, and that one morning seemed to be every morning lately. That one incident with the crying tantrum that lasted 20 minutes on the way home seemed bigger than it was because it actually happened three times that week.  That mum hugged me and said let it out, it’s better than keeping it in, and we all get fed up with the kids sometimes. I definitely felt better but still drained and bloody tired. I don’t feel guilty for saying I really don’t like my kids sometimes, especially as we know being a mum is an unpaid full-time job that doesn’t really get the recognition it deserves.

My advice for when you hit that low.  Talk to someone. I can’t talk to my husband because he doesn’t get it.  It’s not like he doesn’t care but he works all the time, and when he sees the kids he sees nothing but stardust, so when I tell him, the annoying things they do, he says its fine they’re just kids, and to relax. The baby pooed in the bath, he laughs.  The cheek of it is it probably is so funny, but read the room. I know he would be singing a different tune if he had to do what I have been doing by myself for the last 9 years. I talk to my mum and my sister, fellow mums with their children all grown up so they have a great perspective because time flies and before you know it they will reach a certain age where they don’t need you as much, and may even have you wishing for these same times when they were small. I am fine now, but its better to take one day at a time but it’s not easy, so try to stay positive. Only around 10-15 years until they all move out.

photo Love Mae


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