Review: Treacle Moon Bath washes

Sometimes beauty products come along that are just a bit of fun, and Treacle Moon   is my secret weapon for making lots of bubbles for the kids. Their skin is very dry and sensitive so I don’t tend to use these kind of scented products on their skin (but completely fine on mine) but the sweet scented washes poured under running water is great. The warm apple pie kisses has a syrupy sweet smell which I swear when I close my eyes are a whiff of hot apple pie crust; and the coconut island is a creamier consistency. You will love treacle Moon for its affordability and novelty scents, and something you can pick up in the aisles when doing your weekly shop. For us mums, and kids who have normal skin type, massage directly onto damp skin whist showering and rinse or pour under running water and have a happy 10 minute soak.   Treacle Moon have recently announced its official  partnership with Bullies Out a fantastic charity that provides help and information to individuals, schools, workplaces, and community settings, to support a vision whereby all young people are able to recognise their self-worth and potential, and flourish in caring environments that foster positive futures.


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