Happy Birthday Krispy Kreme

Happy birthday Krispy Kreme! Seventy-eight and still young, the UK had to wait until 2003 with a concession in Harrods to taste what all the fuss was about. We fully intended to have a summer picnic in the park with the limited edition doughnut hamper to celebrate, but the British weather foiled our plans. Instead we indulged in the living room on a Jon Burgerman picnic blanket, taking snaps with the new Lomography Buttercup Diana F+ with an assorted collection of classic Krispy Kreme deliciousness as well as the chocolate collection to boot.

The limited edition Krispy Kreme doughnut hamper box contains two pairs of cool Krispy Kreme sunglasses, a Krispy Kreme frisbee and two Assorted Dozens. Don’t worry I didn’t let them eat them all in one sitting, but it would have been easy with chocolate sprinkles, lemon cheesecake, strawberries and Kreme and more. Psssst, just in case you didn’t know Krispy Kreme have just released a very moreish Reese’s doughnut filled with cult Reese’s peanut butter, topped with chocolate, icing and peanut butter drops. *Homer Simpson drool.

Krispy kreme doughnut hamper

lomography buttercup diana f+ camera

Krispy kreme donut hamper


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