The Fox & The Star review

Once there was a Fox who lived in a deep, dense forest. For as long as Fox could remember, his only friend had been Star, who lit the forest paths every night. But then one night Star wasn’t there, and Fox had to face the forest all alone.

The Fox and the star book review

The Fox and the star book review The Fox and the star book review   The Fox and the star book review Illustrator Coralie Bickford-Smith, is a designer at Penguin Books and many of her designs, such as the Clothbound Classics, have featured in New York Times, Vogue and the Guardian. Her work is influenced by William Morris and William Blake and early Victorian book designs which is evident in her writing début The Fox and the Star, set to be published on the 27th of August.

This beautiful fable explores grief, loss and self-discovery in a captivating and heart-warming way, for all ages. My four-year old twins were enthralled by the colour and patterns and they were concerned about the fox finding their friend. My eldest who is ten professed the story to be abstract, the characters symbols for real people and real loss. I love this hardback because it is easily a future collectible classic, on par with my beloved children’s books, I had as a child.


2 thoughts on “The Fox & The Star review

  1. Hi there, I’m considering buying this beautiful book, but the child I’d be buying it for is very sensitive, so I’m trying to find out if it ends well with the fox finding his friend. Or does he just find other stars, but not “his star”? Thanks 🙂

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