Next Boys Transmission

Although it is summer, it is still a British summer after all, and it can be hard to dress for weather that is constantly changing.  Who wants to wear summer sandals, and lug around a hefty umbrella, or wear a cardigan or hoodie, when the sun is beating down for the just in case it rains scenario? But we do. The Mini Adorn kids will be styling up Next kids transitional pieces that will take the kids right to autumn, but completely suitable to be worn now. It is all about future proof dressing, My son is 8 but I essentially buy age 9-10 clothes because they outgrow them so fast. These are the pieces we selected from the Next Boys transmission range.

Next Kids Next Kids


There is something fun but also smart about this blue shirt with red and navy print and rolled up three quarter length sleeves. It is cotton and lightweight for hot days, so upgrade with a light knit jumper over the top to give a more pulled together look, for when the days get colder.  For something more casual add a long sleeve top underneath and leave the shirt open and unbuttoned.  Double denim isn’t going anywhere so layer over a denim shirt unbuttoned, with jeans and roll up the bottom hem; the heavier shirt can work as substitute as a light jacket, and can of course be worn on its own buttoned up.



Next Kids

All clothes c/o Next / Lomography Diana Buttercup / Backdrop God Squad graffitti at the Bakery Munch & Crunch


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