Falling back in love with the library

When I was younger going to the library was a weekly occurrence. It was only a ten minute walk from the house and I would easily use my full allowance of nine books, often umming and ahhing over which book to leave behind, after all I could get it next time. I went through phases of Anastasia, sweet valley high, point horrors and Virginia Andrews, often devouring a whole novel in just under two days. Nearly halfway through the six-week summer holiday I thought the kids needed to get some fresh books to read, and it is better to borrow than buy.  It’s so lovely to see the twins get excited about finding a new book, and the eldest has just joined the Southwark library Summer reading challenge.

“Record Breakers is this years Summer Reading Challenge theme. Collecting stickers and great gifts as they go, young readers of all ages will discover weird, wonderful and wacky records from around the world. All children need to do is join the Summer Reading Challenge and read 6 books during the summer break. Last year 2,329 children read 6 books or more during the Summer Reading Challenge, proving this is a fun activity to do. This fun reading challenge also helps to maintain reading levels in preparation for school in September.

Children who read 6 books or more are entered into a prize draw to win a mini tablet device.

All you have to do is register your child at your local library.  They choose any book to borrow and read at home, then they tell us what they think of the book and receive an amazing gift.”

So far Mini Adorngirl has had stickers and cool posters so is such a great way to encourage reading, combined with her competitive spirit and the possibility of a cool tablet Is nothing to be sniffed at.


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