Individual bedroom style when the kids have to share


We have quite a small place, and the kids are used to sharing, but there is only so much space you can improvise with, until you run out. We invested in a three tier triple bunk bed, in place of their regular bunk bed so now the eldest doesn’t have to put up with twins crazy sleeping positions. She is at the bottom, the twins are in the middle and the boy got the top bunk.

Their room is a calming gender neutral green, but I really wanted to let them have their own style, so here is essentially how to very easily decorate for individual tastes when the kids have to share.

Soak & Sleep bedding

I can’t stress enough how much I love Soak and Sleep, the beautiful designs coupled with the quality materials make for luxurious bath & bedtimes. The easiest start for individual style is their bed sheets and with the selection from the Soak & Sleep children’s range the only issue came from having to choose.

Mini Adorn girl has the illustrated Jungle animal duvet set, (can be personalised) which is 100% cotton and printed on a 200 thread count bedlinen, so it’s strong, easy to treat for stains, and tumble-dryable. The duvet cover has string closures so securing with bows add to the beautiful design. Simply drape a lambswool blanket at the base or across the middle of the bed. This looks gorgeous but also great for warmer nights when the duvet is too much, or when it gets colder as an extra layer to the quilt.

Soak and sleep reversible blanket

Soak and sleep reversible blanket

The twins have the reversible bedspread in pink (their favourite colour) a good mix of lightweight, 100% cotton for the outer, and  a medium thickness,  the wadding is a mix of rayon and polyester, but not stiff. It feels good tucking them in after their bedtime routine of a bath, and a story. To them its like having a new bed every night as they alternate between the flowery ditsy print, or the subtle polka dots. For best care it is suggested to hand wash at around 30 Degrees, and not suitable for tumble drying and bleach.

Soak and sleep childrens animal print bed sheet

Soak and sleep childrens blankets

Soak and sleep childrens animal print bed sheet

Soak and sleep childrens animal print bed sheet

Last but not least my son went for the toy animal print duvet cover animal print duvet cover, which actually is the same kind of look as the Jungle print sheet, so go with the kind of animals your child likes. For something more individual, I paired with the reversible kissing penguins cotton throw kissing penguins cotton throw, contrasting the bolder print with the smaller scale of the sheet. From there add their favourite toys and a scattering of cushions for pillows, for their own personal stamp.


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