This is the third instalment in the series of transitional season dressing for Next kids, showcasing key light autumn pieces the kids can wear right now but will still be plausible when it gets a little colder. Here is my eldest daughter and my son, and now its the twins turn. My little girls are cheeky little monkeys, they are identical twins who have reached the point where they realise they can play tricks, and answer to each others names intentionally. I try to dress them differently just because I feel they are their own individuals, plus they are pretty much the boss in telling me what clothes they do and don’t like. The Next Kids ‘Edit’ collection is a great mix of pretty autumn casual, and truly desirable mini me style.

Both of these looks are quite different, one is more casual, and the other a little dressier and more smart. The cream look is layered (both of them are wearing long sleeve tops from a colourful three pack) the check cotton skirt was styled with this character applique light knit on the site and she loved it. The grey biker boots are perfect for autumn, but they are still lightweight for a run around in the sunshine in the playground. The graphic print colour block swing dress is paired with the same gold glitter trainers her older sister has. I loved watching them twirl and swish, and complement each others looks.


Next kids young girl

Next kids young girl
Next kids young girl
Next kids young girl


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