Toy Story

December is finally here! Myself and all four of the mini adorn kids couldn’t be more excited, and as I wrap their presents I am imagining their faces, as they rip open the wrapping paper. I tend to lean more towards presents we can all enjoy, it is all too easy for each child to be engrossed in their own thing, so it is nice to play together.

toy christmas gift guide

Crabtree gingerbread men tin

From Santa

A nice touch is to include a present labelled from Santa, and this Crabtree gingerbread man tin is perfect. Not only is the tin design so gorgeous, you can decorate the biscuits with icing and smarties and enjoy together with hot chocolate.

my monopoly

My Monopoly

A twist on a classic, this personalised Monopoly is designed for all the family to be incorporated into the board game. The free my Monopoly app lets you print out stickers to customise the individual character players, streets, chance cards and community chest.


Plyt board game


Who knew a game about math could actually be so fun? Me and my son have enjoyed our time navigating the multi dice conundrums. This game has been especially helpful in learning and cementing  his times tables at school. The first time we played we pretty much winged it, and the best part is this is encouraged from strategic teams to adjusting the rules according to ability, you can’t get bored because you can change it up.  The essential is getting to the end point and hoping for a bit of luck with the chance cards, and upping the ante with the mini timer.

lego juniors pony farm


Never underestimate Lego. It is just one of those timeless toys that is always a great idea for a present, and although recommended for ages 4-8 I am anticipating  putting on my reading glasses following the instructions to build the pony farm with the twins. Can we please stop to admire the perfect pink box.

the game of life board game

The game of life

I have always heard of this game, and when I got the chance to actually play it I understood the hype. Life choices from going to university, to getting married. You don’t have to finish first to win, which is what I like, it is all about your assets and you can sell the kids at the end which adds to your total.


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