Movie night

Friday night is family movie night. Its the end of a school week, and the beginning of the weekend,  so I let them each pick a treat after school.  They all go for exactly the same thing every single time,  but its what they want, so…When it hits the evening we set up up the Netflix on our TV thanks to the Amazon fire stick, and then the politics of what film, genre, who’s turn is it to pick ensues. When all is settled it is all about the movie treats, and the devilishly delicious gingerbread popcorn gets scoffed in no time at all. I am not really a popcorn fan, but this Butterkist limited edition flavour is more like little pops of crispy sweet toffee. I am such a good mum. Did I mention that it was treat day? Washed down with fresh fruit juice, (gotta add a bit of health) we also love classic wham, and fruit salad tubes so plenty to share.

Butterkist gingerbread men popcorn

movie night treats


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