Collage Carnival

It is not often that we are given permission to really rip into a book. Books are to be cherished looked after and shared.  Well illustrator Lizzie Lees is actually giving us full permission to tear out pages, scribble on every single page and get creative with her new book Collage Carnival, we swear! Get ready to colour, cut and paste! We didn’t even know where to start there were so many great projects. Open the book and sign the statement:

lizzie lees collage carnival book

I________________ solemnly declare to attack this book with wild creativity and set my heart free. I will not be scared! I will embrace! I will create! At  the end of this book there will be no book



We asked Lizzie just a few questions about her amazing book, and her inspiration.

How did you go about curating the particular projects for the book? Do you have a favourite?

I been working for a lots of different companies over the years now so feel confident in choosing themes and projects which I think people will find appealing. Whilst working at Paperchase I developed an understanding for the stationary market and this put me in good stead for Collage Carnival.  Llamas are super on trend at the moment so I knew people would like that one. Things like cupcakes, hearts, glitter and sequins – a girl can never have enough in my eyes! My favourite is the amusing Cockatoo collage as they are such funny birds – you can really make add personality to him and make him your own.
lizzie lees collage carnival book

Did you primarily have adults in mind? to go alongside the whole adult colouring in book trend right now.

My publisher and I worked together to come up with the idea. Pavilion published the colouring books with Millie Marotta which have been wildly successful so they were keen to do more interactive craft books which had a wide appeal for adults and children. Collage seemed like the perfect step forward!
lizzie lees collage carnival book

How long can it take for you to complete an illustration from concept to final piece?

The whole book took a year from initial concept to final delivery of artwork. The length of time for each illustration can vary depending on what mood I am in, and how much tea I have drunk that day!  Sometimes I am in the creative groove and other times I’m dreaming of lying on a beach somewhere 🙂 On average though, I would say it would take one day to come up with two pages in the book if I flow.

What other projects/books can we look forward to from you? 

Pavilion and I are brainstorming on what we should do next but its top-secret so you shall have to watch this space! I would love to do Collage Carnival for kids which might be another avenue to explore in the future. I also run an art collective which acts as a platform for artists to exhibit their work. We are a great bunch – our next exhibition is looking to be in November this year so do keep an eye on the website for any updates!
lizzie lees collage carnival book

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