Fathers day gift guide

Hi It’s Mini Adorngirl here, and mum has let  the mini adorn kids loose and let us take the reins on our blog. We love her fathers day gift guide but we wanted to create one where we pick things for our dad. This is what we picked!

fathers day gift guide by the kids

lush cosmetics papa bear gift set

We love Lush! detonating bath bombs could easily be our past time if mum let us. When it came to picking something for dad we had to get something from Lush and this Papa bear gift set was perfect, because with the checkered yellow scarf that wraps up the four piece reminds us of Rupert Bear.

lush cosmetics papa bear gift set

dermalogica shave kit

big boy grooming products

Daddy is always stubbly, and he can be as prickly as a hedgehog.  That beard is something we had to take care of.  We are selfishly choosing the Dermalogica shave set, and Big Boy (ha big boy) because we want daddy to have smooth skin and a neat beard for when we give  him hugs. We picked this Kenneth Cole Blue bottle because we loved the colour but it smells so good, all sweet and warm….so win, win!

Kenneth Cole Blue

jam audio bluetooth headphones

Daddy really loves his music and we can get as noisy as we want thanks to these Jam Bluetooth headphones, The only downside will be having to put up with his cringey dad dancing!


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