Peter Rabbit personalised guide to life

When it comes to my twins, I really try to cater to their individual needs and likes. They may be identical but they are very different little girls.  When an opportunity arose to feature the new, Peter Rabbit guide to life, it was an absolute pleasure. The series ticks the boxes I need when I add to their library, they love  Beatrix Potter books; especially Peter Rabbit and this special series features tales from classic and vintage-inspired Peter Rabbit illustrations, teamed with the author’s signature tongue-in-cheek written content.

personalised peter rabbit guide to

An added special touch is the personalisation. You can personalise with any name, which is on the front cover and throughout the book, and can even include a personalised message on the inside cover. Presented in a vintage pastel commemorative box with silver embossing, the kids understand this is a keepsake a book to cherish.

perosnalised peter rabbit little book of virtue

The Peter Rabbit Trilogy encompasses little guide of virtue, Harmony and life. I loved sitting with each of them as Peter Rabbit and his friends in three separate adventures, learn important life lessons from each. Available in powder blue, Peter and friends encounter a variety of everyday life situations, including how to keep clothes clean, how to save money and how to deal with difficult situations, and then learn to overcome them. In pale green the guide to virtue is about maintaining high moral standards in every situation. Peter Rabbit’s Little Guide to Virtue, features tips and advice dripping with sarcasm on how to deal with any type of high society event.

peter rabbit little guide to

Last but certainly not least is the guide to harmony which is for those who struggle to keep their composure during everyday situations, In pale yellow Peter Rabbit’s Little Guide to Harmony is a must-have, advising on how to behave in a multitude of different scenarios.  Nothing can replace your guiding’s but the selection of books are a sweet intro into burgeoning life skills.

The books are available to purchase now on, retailing at £24.99 each.

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